The Biography of Luc Besson

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Luc Besson is a famous French film director, writer, and producer who is known for making spectacular films. The famous film director is widely recognized for contributing French cinema’s “Cinema du look” movement. He directed and produced over 76 films in his career and received numerous awards. People compared him with the most famous film director Stephen Steveburg.


Luc Besson was born

Luc was born on 18 March 1959 in Paris and spent most of the time of his childhood traveling Europe with his parents. When he was 17, Besson had an accident that left him unable to dive. At 19, Besson moved to Hollywood to learn about American films. After that, he returned to Paris, formed a production company Les Films du Loup, but changed it to Les Films du Dauphin later. 


First Directorial debut

In 1983, he made his feature directorial debut with the grim sci-fi drama Le Dernier Combat / The Last Battle (1983). Luc Besson’s second film was a funny crime drama named Subway (1985) ( a cult classic film in France). The film was entirely based on the punks’ and fringe dwellers’ Paris metro lives. The Bug Blue(1988) is the third film of Luc, which was shot in English.  


Married actress Anne Parillaud

In 1986, Besson married actress Anne Parillaud. One year later, she gave birth to a daughter named Juliette. They divorced in 1991.


Biggest Hit with Nikita

In 1990, Besson gave the biggest hit with Nikita (1990), starring Besson’s then-wife, Anne Prillaud. The film later inspired a U.S remake named Point of No Return,  released in 1993. Besson’s next feature film was Leon (1994), which hugely impacted the life of well-known actress Natalia portman and made her star overnight. Besson was nominated for Best Director and Best Picture César Awards for his films Léon: The Professional (1994).


Married actress & director Maïwenn Le Bescoon

Luc married actress and director Maïwenn Le Bescoon, Their daughter Shannawas born on 3 January 1993. Next in 1997 Luc returned to the Sci-fi genre and made a great film named The Fifth Element (with Bruce willis) which Maïwenn played as Diva Plavalaguna. The film was vitually breathtaking and mind-blowing for the audience. later this year they divorced.

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Married actress Milla Jovovich

Besson engaged Milla Jovovich and married on 14 December 1997. They divorced in 1999.

For The Fifth Element (1997), Besson won the Lumières Award and the César Award as best director. After directing an the historical tale Joan of Arc (1999), Luc was again nominated for Best Picture César Awards. He recently wrote, produced, and directed Anna (2019).


Married married film producer Virginie Silla

 At the age of 45, Besson married film producer Virginie Silla. The couple has three children Thalia, Sateen, and Mao Besson.

Luc Besson has made a great contribution to the world of cinema. He is renowned for his fast-paced, ultra-style, and hugely budgeted film with mass appeal.

Since the late 20th Besson has written and produced so many action films, Besson’s well-known action series is the Taxi series (1998-2017), the transporter series (2002-2008), and the Kiss of the Dragon, Unleashed with Jet le. His English-language films Taken, Taken 2, and Taken 3, all co-written with Kamen and starring Liam Neeson, brought huge success.

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